Professional Turf Layers Sydney

<h2>About Our Turf Layers Sydney</h2>

Turf layers Sydney Professional Turfing team is your solution to saving your weekends for enjoyment. Or if you are a business our complete service lets you get on with what you do best. We can consult with you about your planned site and advise on types of soil and turf.  We source our fresh turf from the best suppliers. Furthermore we bring you the best prices and service, on time and to fit your budget.

Not only do we bring you our professional turfing service, but we can handle the landscaping aspects as well. You can design your turf space to include stepping stones, pavers, water features and borders of attractive materials. Visit our Professional Landscaping team’s website at  for interesting ideas.

<h3>Our Services</h3>

Our services include complete turf installation from ground assessment to lush finished green lawn. We have the expertise and products to cover every aspect of your turfing needs, whether you are residential customer or a large commercial enterprise.

Before installing turf, we can do the multi-step preparation of the ground. Firstly we clear weeds and rubbish. Secondly we correct the slope for optimum drainage for both the turf and your buildings. If the ground needs softening with hoes,  this is done next. Then comes levelling out the surface to provide a smooth bed for the turf. Lastly we add the topsoil. Now the ground is ready to install the turf that will grow best for your conditions and type of use. Of course if you want to do all or part of the installation yourself, we can advise you and supply top quality products.

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<h4>Turf Installation</h4>
Professional Turfing’s turf layers Sydney do much more than roll out turf sheets!

<h4>Turf Types</h4>
We bring you all the best soft, durable varieties of Buffalos, Couches and Kikuyus.

<h4>Turf Soil Types</h4>
You can choose a soil type to suit your land and purposes.

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