Turf Installation Sydney

<h2>About Turf Installation Sydney</h2>
Turf installation Sydney first requires assessing your conditions, and thus working out what’s right for you. Our Professional Turfing team can come out and look over your property, then advise you on what would succeed best. Once we have a plan with you, we will bring you the best turf, the best prices, and the best service. We’ll custom install your turf to the high quality you are looking for.

<h3>How to assess your conditions?</h3>
Your turf installation Sydney conditions are basically the general climate and closeness to the sea. This applies to all the areas we service. Namely: Northern Beaches, North Shore, Eastern suburbs, Inner West, plus the Western suburbs and Hills. The specific details of your property come next. These are described below. Therefore you can ask yourself the questions and narrow down the list of turf types that will suit you.

<h4>Traffic your turf installation must handle</h4>
The traffic on your turf might occasionally be heavy. However it’s most useful to assess what would occur on an average day. Some types of turf are better able to deal with it than others. Your traffic might be for example:

  • pedestrians walking
  • children playing
  • dogs or other pets
  • vehicles riding or driving on it
  • a ride-on mower

Some of these impacts are greater than others and will require a very hard wearing lawn. Whereas a quiet lawn gives you more options in terms of the turf’s sensitivity to traffic.

<h4>Sunlight and shade</h4>
Like with traffic, you will need to assess the average amount of sunlight hours and shade that your turf will receive. Does your property’s proposed turfing area face north in full sun? Or is it on a constantly shady side of a building or under trees? Perhaps it receives only morning or afternoon sun, or the hottest sun in the middle of the day. How do winter and summer affect your shade and sun levels. An area that is sunny in summer might be constantly shady in winter. Get out your compass, take note of the changing heat and light on your proposed area. Make some notes or diagrams, and have a think about your conditions.

<h4>How much mowing can you handle?</h4>
In Sydney the summer is warm and this is when grass grows fastest. Thus your mowing routine will be busiest at this time of year. The amount of mowing can be different for different types of turf. This will also depend on the environmental conditions at your turfed location, eg. water, drainage, sun and shade. Your turf installation Sydney will likely require mowing between one and three weeks apart in the summer growing season.

<h4>What else does your turf need?</h4>
Your turf installation Sydney may have other requirements. This will determine whether the turf is high maintenance, or medium or low.
Dryness and watering are some of the conditions determining this. Sydney summers can be hot and dry. If your turf area is north facing, sloping or in full sun it might get quite dry. Therefore a sun and drought tolerant variety will be a good choice.

<h4>What look are you aiming for?</h4>
Turf types vary in colour and leaf width. The colours range from bright spring green to a green-blue shade. Leaves can range from quite broad to very narrow. In addition some have a soft feel and others are harder. The Buffalo varieties available have changed in recent years. It used to be very hard and scratchy. However turf breeders have succeeded in making soft Buffalo.

Head over to Turf Types for full descriptions of Buffalo and other grasses to guide your decision.

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