Professional Tiler Team Sydney

<h2>Our Professional Tiler Team</h2>
Our tiler team do professional installations both indoors and outdoors for jobs of any size. Whether you are a small home or a large industrial business, we can accommodate your needs. Tiles come in a truly astounding range of materials, colours, styles, textures and sizes. You may not realize that tiles can be made of many types of stone, glass or even metal? And you might be surprised when you discuss your options with us!

<h3>Tiles Versus Pavers</h3>
Did you know that your professional tiler may also be your paver. Whether this is so depends on the location to be tiled, for example a garden path or a driveway. Therefore you might ask, what is the difference between tiles and pavers? Generally pavers are thicker and are laid onto a soft surface. There is no cement of filling in between them. Tiles are much thinner, and require a solid base onto which they are glued. Also the spaces between them are filled, thus joining them solidly together. Otherwise, tiles and pavers can be made of the same materials and look the same. However pavers, being thicker, will be more expensive than the same material made as tiles. Professional Tiling’s team have got you covered, whichever option you require. That’s because we are part of a larger group who also do interior fitouts, landscaping and driveways.

Whatever you require, we place a premium on providing you with high quality work on time and to budget.

<h2>Our Services</h2>
Visit the links below to see what we can do with your choice of tiles and the spaces to be tiled.

There is also some handy information on the types of tiles available. Furthermore we discuss the advantages of tiles and also where they may not be suitable. You can use this information to inform your decisions.