My site has gone back to an earlier state of its development, and I will be gradually bringing back the 2016 content. Reason: I had to restore my site from an old backup, due to being hacked. Hacking – so much of the world’s human and physical resources wasted! Interesting that ALL my sites were hacked together, which my hosts and security companies assure me does not happen except rarely, and that when it does, it is a strong indication of a targeted personal attack. Now why would someone launch a targeted personal attack against me and try to take down all my websites? They don’t spread spam, they have no defamatory or offensive content, they are not commercial, no money passes through them, no juicy contact details are stored on them, I am nothing special, don’t hurt anyone or rip anyone off, but do my best to bring some good value to the world. The ONLY reason for someone wanting to attack me is that they don’t like me speaking the truth about anything!

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