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WordPress round 3. It’s been 10 years since I last built a website and things have changed very noticeably in that time. Those of you who’ve been doing it continuously have probably not noticed the extent of the changes as it creeps up on you gradually. Boiling frog syndrome!

The first thing I noticed is that moving files around has become infinitely more complex with all the firewalls and security checks, like getting through LA international airport post-9/11! It says unfortunate things about the state of humanity that so many spend their time intentionally doing harm, cheating, disrupting and ripping off others. If there were no spam, crime, hacking and deception, imagine how much bandwidth and memory that would free up!

The second thing I noticed is that the clarity of people’s communication has declined considerably. People do not seem to organize their thoughts or information, or put themselves in the reader’s position very well; instructions are often incomplete and hard to follow; techies write through their own eyes and leave out things that they take for granted but which leave a novice floundering in mystery. This is a generalization of course, and there are those who do make an excellent effort to help others.

The third thing I noticed is the crazy amount of overlapping information, software, systems, etc, like the way umpteen models of cars keep coming out with minor changes in body shape, badging, interior decor, etc. What we really need in this 21st century is a small set of very functional, efficient car designs for which changes and upgrades are really meaningful, progressive and a good use of resources, and I’d say the same about cyber-life. The outcome of this chaos is that for anyone who’s got more to life than being buried on the computer for 20 hours per day, how to quickly find the best tool for the job, what to choose and what to focus your efforts on, has become a very time-consuming and significant problem.

All this results in a situation where novices become so frustrated and overwhelmed that they feel forced to pay someone else to do the basic things they ought to be able to do themselves, but often cannot afford to outsource. Not only that, every techie has their own flavour, biases and limitations, and those may not suit  what the cyber baby is looking for but doesn’t know yet. It is quite disempowering to have to hand over your dream to someone else who then “sets it all up for you” but leaves you dependent upon their rather unreliable follow-up, unable to take over yourself, like a lost child in a foreign-speaking environment.

So it has been quite a  journey to re-invent the website construction process on my own, with no more budget than my broadband and monthly hosting bill, and no more help than a plethora of how-to sites that I’d love to have the time to re-write properly, and forums of helpful people who thankfully often do have a decent answer! Qualities you need in navigating this cyber-labyrinth are patience, persistence, determination, the ability to jump sideways in your thinking and get out of your own box, the ability to detach when things get tough, and a clear feeling of what your innermost wants to express. The former ones I have in abundance, the latter, developing rapidly in response to the challenges and running in parallel with my soulful development. As one great wise person once said: “Let us learn to rejoice at obstacles, knowing that the welcomed obstacle can be used to speed success” – El Morya, Agni Yoga.

Further reading:

How big is the internet? About 5 million terabytes, according to Google CEO.

How much of the internet is spam? Pingdom says: 512 terabytes per day!

And I just read on Wikipedia that Spam averages 78% of all e-mail sent!

Boiling frog syndrome:

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