Data and Phone Network Cabling Installation

<h2>Why install data and phone network cabling?</h2>
Data and phone network cabling installation is the foundation of your wired personal or business telecommunications and computing network. Although a lot of data and phone ‘traffic’ occurs wirelessly, it is in reality often slower and less reliable than wired connections. You require fast, steady transmission for daily living, working and conducting business. Therefore you may decide to go for the speed and flexibility you need. You can do this by getting a technician to design and install a custom cabling network system that suits your needs. Furthermore, it’s sensible to build in enough capacity to allow for future expansion.

<h3>What are the uses of data and phone cabling?</h3>
A custom network cabling installation can enable you to effortlessly do what you do without the usual limitations. Examples are:

  • file sharing
  • internet conferencing
  • media streaming
  • multi-user internal networks
  • local area network
  • running your own server
  • voice over internet telephone calls (voip)
  • security cameras
  • gaming
  • closed circuit television
  • alarm systems
  • home automation systems
  • solar inverter connection to monitoring station
  • NBN socket
  • sub-system design

<h3>Who is authorized to do network cabling installation?</h3>
‘Data and phone network cabling installation’ might make you think ‘telco’s landline’ immediately. That is true from the telco’s exchange to the first socket where it enters your home or business. Furthermore you might imagine that only your telco’s technicians can deal with installations, modifications or repairs. However once the line is into your premises, the network of lines from that first socket becomes your responsibility. Consequently, you can seek a new system, alterations or customization of your internal network to be done by someone other than your telco. Although this is true, it should only be done to high quality by people who are trained and registered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). You’ll also want good value, because your telco will not pay for it. It is your financial responsibility. In addition you must ensure the cabling is compliant with Australian Standards.

<h3>Our team at Professional Electrical meets all those criteria</h3>

We are registered and experienced in designing and installing data and phone networks in residential and commercial properties.

  • We can help you to decide how much speed you need
  • In addition you can seek our advice on how many outlet points you need for both data and phone
  • With your input we can design where to place all your equipment and how to interconnect them
  • We’ll perform your work to the best industry standards, on time, and within budget

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