Landlord and HMO Electrical Safety Report

<h2>Electrical safety report for landlords and HMOs</h2>
An Electrical safety report is a must on a regular basis if you rent out properties. You are responsible by law for ensuring the safety of your rented property and its contents. The tenants must not be injured or suffer damage to their property as a result of your neglect of duty. The level of duty of care by landlords has increased since April 2015. It is the same whether you rent out a single building, or houses in multiple occupation. Your legal obligation is to keep all the electrical fittings and appliances you own safe and working properly. If repairs are needed, you’re expected to attend to them as a priority, using registered electrical tradespeople. However this does not include electrical appliances owned by the tenant. Renters in NSW are also legally responsible for keeping their home safe, which includes their appliances.

Professional Electrical can help you meet your responsibilities. We can do compliance and safety testing for you, and provide you with a report about your property. Therefore you can identify any problems that need attention, and deal with them professionally.

<h3>What can landlords and HMOs do?</h3>
You can do these simple actions for peace of mind:

<h4>1. Perform regular maintenance checks</h4>
Your licensed electrician is the go-to person at regular intervals. Don’t wait until tenants get around to reporting problems. Have inspections done and get faults repaired promptly. The electrician should provide you with an electrical safety report and a date of next inspection. Therefore you have confirmation of the safety and compliance of your electrical installation and appliances. And a reminder.

<h4>2. Certificate of Compliance for electrical work</h4>
Whenever you have electrical work done, you should receive a Certificate of Compliance Electrical Work. This proves that you had your premises tested and checked to make sureĀ  your electricals comply with regulations. The electrician must have a copy too, as the electricity supplier may require it.

<h4>3. Instal Safety Switches</h4>
You most likely already have these switches, known as RCDs (residual current devices) in the mains power board. However it is a good idea to check, and to get the electrician to test them and instal more if needed. Have them tested every 3 months. Furthermore, get an earth installed if your property does not have one.

<h4>4. Act upon tenant reports</h4>
Your tenants should contact you promptly if there is an electrical problem with your property. When they do it is important for you to act on it as a priority. This is because it’s legally required for you to do so. Furthermore, it is part of the duty of care towards ensuring the safety of your tenants.

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