Lighting Design and Installation

<h2>Lighting Design</h2>

<h3>What’s the purpose of lighting design?</h3>
Lighting design is an important first step for your new building, extension or renovation. This is because people’s feelings are affected strongly by lighting, whether a family at home or staff in a commercial setting. Your customers’ perception of your space will be affected by lighting too. Thus professional design of efficient, positive lighting is a contributor to the success of your business.

In addition, lighting design across a whole home or commercial property is a big job requiring qualifications and experience.

Remember to include the outside! Your landscaping and building exteriors benefit from a well designed lighting system. Whether it’s for work or play, security or beauty, professional design will make a world of difference.

<h3>How our team works with you</h3>
Our team has what it takes. Professional Electrical’s level 2 and 3 accredited tradespeople bring you the best of their expertise and the latest products. We also specialize at the forefront of security and automation. Imagine having your lights respond optimally to time of day, people’s movements, room temperature and ambient light levels?

We fit design to your purpose. You will certainly be looking for a combination of functionality, safety, security, aesthetics and atmosphere. Perhaps your budget  requires a minimalist approach for the best outcome. Or you may be creatively designing installations for an artistic statement.

Consider having your lighting professionally designed to meet your needs. We will consult with you step by step to help you express your ideas. We’ll advise you on products and customize a plan for:

  • indoor lighting for your home, small office, shed, workshop or studio
  • corporate or commercial business premises, care facilities, schools, etc
  • industrial & rural installations
  • outdoor lighting for safety, security, amenity, recreation & entertainment
  • automation to control your devices hands-free

<h3>Types of Lighting</h3>
You can choose from a wide range of purposes, shapes, colours, styles, sizes and materials. Globes come in tungsten, fluorescent, LED, and energy efficient. Look at the list below to get you started on what you can do with lighting design. You can decide which ones suit your interior and exterior purposes.

<h4>Fluorescent Lighting</h4>

  • strips
  • panels
  • ring globes
  • compact globes
  • desktop, bedside & wall lamps

<h4>Downlights & Spotlights</h4>
Small lights with a focussed beam that can be swivelled to brightly light a specific area:

  • recessed into ceiling or wall
  • flush with the ceiling or wall
  • mounted on a rack for horizontal repositioning
  • great for tight spaces
  • useful with high ceilings and big spaces, where normal lighting might be too diffuse

<h4>Pendant Lights</h4>
These are lights that hang down on the electrical cord from the ceiling or a wall bracket:

  • sleek modern
  • retro
  • classical & heritage
  • balls, crystal beading, chandeliers, art deco, simple geometrical shapes
  • children’s
  • anything you can imagine

<h4>Table, Desk, Floor, Wall and Clamp Lamps</h4>
Usually highly adjustable in angle, direction, type of globes used, etc. Styles are as diverse as pendant lights. Lamps can be:

  • free standing
  • wall mounted
  • removably secured onto desks & cupboards by a springy hand-operated clamp

<h4>Oyster & CTC Lights</h4>
Oyster lights are mounted on the surface of the ceiling. From one source they fill a room with ambient lighting. Landlords and businesses particularly favour them because they are inexpensive and simple to install.

CTC lights are ‘close to ceiling’. You will find them useful with low ceilings where hanging lights would be in the way.

Notwithstanding their cost-effectiveness and functionality, Oyster and CTC lights are far from boring. They come in a wide range of styles that can work in with your overall design. Even beaded crystal!

<h4>Wall Lighting</h4>
You’ll find that wall lights have the advantage of bouncing light off the wall to produce soothing ambience. You can arrange them geometrically to give interesting light patterns. The fittings come in any shape, colour, size and style. Choose from forms such as:

  • hanging from brackets
  • mounted directly on walls
  • adjustable on racks
  • see also downlights & spotlights

<h4>Bathroom Lighting</h4>
Bathrooms are usually small. You may need to use the lights during the night. Moreover there are mirrors that reflect glare. Thus bathroom lights must be durable in humid environments, kind to dark-adjusted eyes, not flaring off mirrors, dimmable, and focussed on different functional areas. You can meet these conditions without compromising on your style.

<h4>Sensor & Security Lighting</h4> [bulleted list]
For both inside and outside use, sensors can fit your lighting to changing environmental conditions.
Motion sensors turn on lights to safely show the way at night. Or to spotlight an intruder.
Security lighting focuses on at-risk areas such as entrances that might be targeted by burglars.
Both types of lighting come in a vast range of styles and sizes. Thus you can fit them in with your overall design style.

<h2>Lighting Installation</h2>

After designing the layout and style of lighting for the best results, installation comes next. We arrange the location of wiring, sockets and fittings. You can tweak your plan if necessary before the physical work goes ahead. We apply your design with full compliance to regulations. We’ll do the installation to a high standard, and test to ensure it’s working correctly. We will also do our best to minimize disruption to you and your premises as we work.

Call us today on 02-9098-6910 to ask about how to best approach your lighting project.