Smart Home Automation System

<h2>What is smart home automation?</h2>

First of all a smart home automation system is a set of devices that work together for your comfort, security and energy efficiency. Simply put, the devices detect what is going on inside and outside the home or business, and respond by adjusting other devices. Therefore multiple appliances and systems can be optimized, saving labour and expense. For instance, you walk in your door when coming home from work. The sensors detect you, adjust settings to your preferred temperature and lighting, and turn on your favourite music. Another example is, say, the temperature and humidity in a warehouse goes up during a public holiday. Consequently the sensors switch on fans, air conditioning and dehumidifiers. The possibilities are endless!

Smart home automation can be installed during building, in which case the wires for the controller go in before the walls are added. However it can also be done for pre-existing buildings. At Professional Electrical we specialize in automation anywhere, and we bring you state of the art technologies.

<h3>There are three main elements of automation:</h3>

Sensors are spread throughout the building. They sense the conditions that they are programmed to pick up. They then send this information to the controllers. See also Sensors

Controllers receive information from the sensors, process it, and send commands to the actuators.

Actuators are the devices that activate, switch off or adjust the controls on the appliances and systems to be controlled.

<h2>What appliances and systems can be automated?</h2>

These are only some examples. Stretch your imagination to the possibilities!

  • door locks
  • windows
  • timers
  • lighting
  • air conditioning
  • ventilation
  • security and surveillance systems
  • home entertainment such as music and television
  • washers & dryers
  • dishwashers
  • ovens
  • refrigerators & freezers
  • plant watering systems
  • pet feeding
  • factory machinery
  • devices needing warm-up before staff use, eg photocopiers, laminators

<h2>What can automation detect and do?</h2>
Smart system can detect and act upon:

  • Movement.
  • Infrared – indicating warm bodies such as people or mammals.
  • That a person has entered a room.
  • Who the person is – if it’s someone who’s supposed to be there, the system can then set your preference of music, temperature, lighting, etc.
  • If it’s an intruder – see next section on alarms.
  • Your product useage (eg food in the fridge) – the system can prepare a shopping list or order new supplies.
  • Environmental conditions inside the building, eg. humidity, temperature, air movement, lighting, etc.
  • Vibration – rather useful in industrial applications for minimizing equipment damage and energy wastage.
  • Conditions of your appliances – it can then turn them on, off or adjust them up or down.
  • State of door locks at set times – if you’ve gone out and forgotten to lock them, the system can activate the door locks.
  • Unusual activity – the system activates whatever response you have programmed.

<h3>The special case of alarms:</h3>
If the system detects an intruder, it can activate lighting and set off an alarm.
Furthermore when other alarms go off, eg smoke alarms – the system can then activate house light blinking to alert everyone to the danger.
If an alarm is already operating, the system can coordinate other alarms to amplify the alert. In addition it can shut down noisy audio and video systems.¬†As a result, people can hear what’s happening.
Especially relevant, extended systems can even phone you remotely. And you can remotely access the automation controls. Consequently if you were away when a smoke alarm went off, you can remotely open doors to allow access to the Fire Brigade.

<h2>What about commercial automation?</h2>
You can scale up whatever automation can be done in the smart home, to businesses of any size. In addition you would probably want to network all the systems in your business. Because your time is of the essence, you can get the automation system to deal with appliances. Consequently you’re left free for other things. However it’s not just convenience. Imagine the proven environments that can be created for your customers with little effort – the press of a button! You’ll also appreciate automation systems for the security and safety benefits too.

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