Tradie Program – Business Partner Offer


A business partner can take the load off. Have you ever wished for someone who can fill the role by doing everything for you except your expert trade itself? Our Professional Freddy Tradie Program could be the answer to your dreams! We need your business, and you need ours.


<h3>About Tradie Program Business Partnership</h3>

This is not a franchise system. You keep your name and simply partner with us. For example if you are an electrician, you would partner with our Professional Freddy electrical team. You would do this by using and/or linking to our site:

We have a site and a team for each trade. Furthermore we’re adding extra trades as we grow. If we don’t  have your trade up yet, please do contact us!


<h3>Get More Jobs</h3>

You can expect to get more jobs. This is because we are an ‘umbrella’ organization. You can save time and money by using us as a central place through which you obtain new customers. Also your marketing is taken care of.


<h3>We Do The Quotes</h3>

When we are your business partner, you won’t have to do the paperwork. We go out to the client’s sites, take pictures, do the quotes, book the jobs, and organize the clients to pay for it. The work is pre-paid and all other details are taken care of. Thus you just come onto the site when the job is ready for you to start. As a skilled contractor you do what you do best – your trade.


<h3>Client & Customer Service</h3>

As your business partner we take care of customer service for you. Nonetheless, you have the contract directly with your client. We back the work and send our site inspector for the final check.



Stay home while we quote. Let us free you up so you can have a life. You can do more of what you want in the extra time that you have available. Moreover you’ll have less driving and overhead costs associated with ‘doing it all yourself’.


<h3>Project Management</h3>

Professional Freddy teams are skilled in project management. We cover every step from design to final check-in with customers. We’re right there if a job requires some extra trade skills to support your work. We can offer you so much more than the average business partner.


<p>For all these supporting services, Professional Freddy Tradie Program takes only 7.5%.</p>

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